• Beauty in the Details

    We put years of knowledge in every single detail and create energy saving and sustainable products
  • Bounce and Zoom

    Scroll events trigger a series of effects to animate the introduction of template sections
  • Dynamic Fixed Header

    The header dynamically appears on scroll, containing both the logo and dropdown menus
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  • Smart Design
  • Digital Simulation
  • Environmentally Friendly

Design is a process of working to develop solutions in a conscious and innovative way in which both functional and aesthetic requirements are included based on user needs. Design applied for the development of goods, services, processes, messages and environments.


3D CAD simulation technology ensures the quality and performance of your designs before sending them for production.


How do you manage your business customer demands for environmentally friendly products? Within a few years, eco-conscious design to be hard demanded by the market and the companies that can offer "green" products will have a leading position.

Initial Conceptual Design
Wireframing and Structure
User Interface Implementation
Animation and Polish

Recent Projects

Learn about the latest projects and techniques as well as recent news with these informative articles and posts

  • "With the help of consulting from Berthag Engineering can we be so much more than a subcontractor"

    With the experience and the machinery we possess together with Berthag Engineering's 3D solutions, we are a manufacturing industry to count on.

    image Carl Anders
  • "Instead of hiring a designer for a specific project, we hired Berthag Engineering to run the project"

    We missed actual knowledge of product design and considered it too expensive to hire their own. The project with appliances has developed into a long-term cooperation with many synergies.

    image Björn Torstensson
  • "Our customers with customized solutions is no longer a problem because we are now getting help with construction already at the initial stage."

    I struggled for a long time to find the right design and functionality for our cabinets. Berthag Engineering was exactly what we were looking for to get our projects up and running quickly and easily.

    image Mikael Svensson
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